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run with lovefox by Amanda

Don't let the Internet rush you

Amanda Raposo

Internet Rush_iPhone.jpg

Download: Desktop version | iPhone Version

"Don't let the internet rush you."

I've heard all the anti-comparison advice before, but this quote is the only one that really resonated with me. I was listening to the radio in the car while driving (thanks to DJ Quicksilva on 93.9 for putting it this way - shout out to the fam in the morning!) when I heard it, and nothing had ever been more relatable to me, ever. 

How many times do we ALL go on the internet and immediately succumb to a dark cloud of anxiety and heart-palpitating pressure for our own stuff because somebody else is more advanced than us? 

I can tell you I'm guilty of it I go on Instagram, browse Etsy, or watch people's stories on Snapchat and suddenly I am in full panic mode.

"I need to add ten million more items to my shop! Everyone else has so many more items!" "HER calligraphy is so much more beautiful than mine!" "That girl's calligraphy business on Instagram has thousands of followers - I need to get more followers!" "She has such a handle on her Instagram feed and stories. I have to be better about mine!"

And the list goes on. 

But in reality, NOTHING is built overnight. The internet will rush you to be at a certain level that it took someone else years to be at. The internet will rush you to be perfect, but in actuality the photo the internet shows us is heavily edited or took several takes, angles, filters and tweaks to be the one that is shown to you.

I'll admit that once I realized this, I took a step back from work related social media. While it's a great tool to help clients find you, it can also just paralyze you. I'm slowly starting to ease back into it, but once I feel the chest-crushing desperation return I have to stop and try again the next day.

I made this wallpaper for us all, to help remind us each time we minimize the internet - DON'T let the internet rush you! 

We'll all get there with time, patience, and hard work. Don't let the internet make you feel inferior. Your time will come when it's right for you. 

August Recap & Monthly Goals

Amanda Raposo

August was a busy month, but it seemed to go on forever! The lack of pictures was not intentional - the business definitely contributed to the lack of photos for this month. However, August was really productive in other ways! This month, I:
+ Went to my first Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together meeting
+ Did a few large leaf orders
+ Made a lot of vellum name tags
+ Designed a logo for Radiant Energy Reiki Healing (if you're in Guam, check them out!!)
+ Went to my first ever District Bliss vendor social, which was sooo much fun!
+ Rode the Metro by myself for the first time ever (and didn't get lost)
+ Took a little much needed vacation to see family in Massachusetts

Although it felt like I got a lot done in August, I didn't complete some of my goals that I wanted to finish. So, I've added them to September's goals!

Goals for September:
+ Add more items to the shop (think signage and envelope addressing)
+ Reshoot some current items with better photos
+ Complete the CPY September Yoga challenge
+ Work on my posture while I'm lettering - I've been so bad about this!
+ Add more about myself on LoveFox Papery's Instagram... a challenge as a shy introvert

I'm looking forward to Autumn, and September is super exciting because that's when it really starts to feel like fall! Makes sense because Autumn starts on September 22nd ;) 

What are you looking forward to in September? 

Coffee before Talkie

Amanda Raposo

Since adulting is hard, and adulting is ESPECIALLY hard on Monday, I made a freebie for you guys!

Do you have a coworker or friend who bombards you in the morning before you've had a chance to soak in that first cup of the nectar of the gods (coffee)? I know I do... you can blame my morning-person hubby for that. ;) 

The next time that person comes around, chattering away before your brain can even process what they are ranting about, you can simply minimize your screen (or flip your phone to them) to get the message across. They'll get it, trust me. 

You can download the desktop version here, and the iPhone version here. 

Then prepare to bask in the glory of all that is coffee.

The story of us

Amanda Raposo

Hey everyone! Since it is LoveFox Papery's very first blog post, I thought it was appropriate to write about how I got started and where I am today. Kind of a history lesson of LFP, except there will not be a quiz afterward... or will there? ;) 

The first grassroots of LoveFox Papery began to grow during the planning of my own wedding in October 2015. Having a graphic design background, I knew there was no way I would ever let someone else design my wedding invitations (and save the dates, and programs, and menus, and signage). So, I began the process of designing and printing my own paper goods and LOVED working in a wedding setting. 

My current job as an in-house graphic designer for a landscape architecture company, though it was great, was far removed from designing for a wedding. My graphic design style (even when I was a lowly college student) was always whimsical, playful and airy. It's super difficult to design for a serious meeting when your style wants to bloom into a swirling, floral element! It was an awesome feeling to get to use my inherent style and apply it to something that was real. 

Once my wedding was over, I felt a design void in my life that I had not felt before. I craved coming up with wedding-inspired paper goods! So, I knew that I wanted to keep going and design for other people who might like my style. Thus, my little Etsy shop began!

LoveFox Papery was founded in San Diego, California as a tiny side job. When my husband got a job on the East Coast, LoveFox Papery came with me and is now my full time job. You'll notice that when LFP began, my designs did not incorporate hand-lettering (you'll still see photos of our work without it, because I still love how all these designs came out!). Now, LFP's focus is shifting to hand-lettering only... so we are slowly adding new items to the shop! 

This is an exciting time for LFP and I'm so happy that you guys are following along with me!