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My husband and I (who I cropped out, sorry husband!) in one of our engagement photos! :) 

My husband and I (who I cropped out, sorry husband!) in one of our engagement photos! :) 

Hello, there!

I thought I had things figured out in college when I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications. Little did I know, I would be communicating the love and excitement of happy couples on their wedding days!

I started off working at a design firm. Then, for my own wedding, I hated the idea of buying invitations and stationery that other couples had already used - I wanted mine to be unique to my husband and I! So, I used my graphic design background and created my own invitations. I fell in love with the process and endless possibilities of design items that a wedding provided... and knew that I had to start doing this for a living. 

When I'm not lettering, scanning, painting, drawing, or otherwise designing, you can find me doing yoga (I'm a certified instructor!), taking walks with the husband and dog (two separate entities ;)), cooking, sampling the latest craft beers, and tasting new wines. Chances are if you are in a coffee shop, I may also be there too... Coffee runs through my veins. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to talk to you soon!